Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Rise of the Kingston Springs

We had the privilege of catching the excellent triple bill of Asherel, Kingston Springs and The Weeks last night at Pianos. Perhaps it was the selection of these three bands in particular, but it seems that the success of bands like The Black Keys and Kings of Leon is having a trickle down effect into the ethos of a new crop of indie rock bands. We couldn't be happier to hear the rise of huge southern guitars and psychedelic (yet crisp) 70s rock influences. Foremost among the three were Nashville's Kingston Springs. Their best moments were their loudest, but with a dirty, road-weary look and excellent songs, they certainly made us stop and take note. The highlight of the evening was a perfectly heavy take on Yer Blues - which is a bold venture - but succeeded in solidifying this band in our good graces. They have an album coming this fall.

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damoog said...

I heard these guys on Radioflag.com But I am not sure what station was playing them! GOod stuff though!