Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Taken by Trees: 'Other Worlds'

Taken by Trees last outing East of Eden has been soundtracking our spring and summer months since its release in 2009. Today, Secretly Canadian announced the release of her new album, Other Worlds (10/2), "a[n] impressionist poem for the Hawaiian Islands... The music... reflects the natural beauty — floating in a perfectly blue pond, a kind breeze coasting off the waves, and abundant deep green foliage. The album's dub influences are gently layered with synths and Victoria's voice, floating along with the bass line." The only problem is, it comes out in October! Hopefully, for selfish reasons, we can snag an early press copy, but for the general populace, you'll have to wait for Other Worlds to complete those indian summer October BBQs. Watch the trailer below.

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