Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Keeping Up With the Matssons

While this post is mostly dedicated to the arrival of an amazing new voice (Amanda Bergman Matsson aka Idiot Wind) it's hard not to mention her husband, Kristian Matsson (aka Tallest Man on Earth) who has a fantastic new record, There's No Leaving Now, coming out June 12th. We've dedicated massive amounts of digital ink to Tallest Man in the past, so it's time to spread the love a bit. We stumbled upon Idiot Wind's new EP as an exclusive at Other Music, and knowing nothing about her at all - picked it up based on their colorful marketing description, which luckily, hit the nail on the head. Channeling the smoky pipes of a richer, more languid Cat Power, the looks of St. Vincent, and clearly sharing her husband's love of Dylan (note the band name and the addition of the stellar "Mamma You've Been on My Mind" cover on the EP) - Idiot Wind has crafted a head turning 5 track EP. Buy the EP in New York at Other Music or her bandcamp. Can't wait to hear more from this striking new artist.

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