Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yours Truly Does Princeton: "To The Alps"

We had a great hang w/ the Princeton brothers in Austin after their last gig of what was a long and busy week for the LA group. With all of us having been perhaps "over served" the night before, we commiserated over an afternoon beer and discussed their great new album Remembrance of Things to Come, and how I couldn't figure out which brother (Jesse or Matt Kivel) was also in the band Kisses (it's Jesse). The conversation strayed to how great the Kisses Robert Palmer cover is, and how the duo are upping the production value on the new tunes, and making sure everything is really solid before hitting us with any music. Princeton work hard and feature one of the more distinctive male voices in "indie" rock right now. Pick up the new record, it's worth it. Via Yours Truly.

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