Monday, February 27, 2012

Artist to Watch: Haim

There's not a lot to know about Haim. Maybe there is, and we don't know it - but what we do know is that these three LA sisters have songs good enough to make us stop our day and take full notice, immediately. While sharing that same west coast / big hat / jorts look as numerous others (see Bleached), Haim's single "Forever" writes any like-minded song under the table. With flashes of full-bodied 80s synth and drum tracks, Haim's few songs are outright fully formed pop tunes, transcending any lo-fi style-over-substance flash-in-the pan blog hits with ease. Download their FREE EP HERE. Yet, much is still to be determined here. We're hopeful for the promise of a good live show, and we'll be crossing our fingers that these singles are the real deal, and this band can come through on the back of a few solid tracks. Here's to the potential of a great new band.

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