Monday, December 12, 2011

One to Watch: The Minutes

The Minutes - Black Keys (Official Video) from The Minutes on Vimeo.

The Minutes, a trio hailing from Dublin, Ireland, were raised on punk rock a la The Smiths, Stooges and as quoted by the press release, "70s NYC punk." It is clear that this band is composed of equal parts grit, grunge, and rock. The lead single of their upcoming self-titled US debut EP, "Black Keys" is not to be confused with the band Black Keys, though The Minutes' sound can be easily likened to them. Early Kings of Leon meets, the Black Keys, meets, 90s grunge rock -- it is clear The Minutes are musically diverse. We at Stark are jumping on this band early; if done right by label Model Citizen Records, The Minutes are poised to break out of the Irish doldrums and explode on to the US rock scene...a scene truly lacking in quality, quantity and passion these days. Put them on your list for SXSW folks.

Black Keys by The Minutes

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