Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Modular Signing: Pond

As a rule, we pretty much read every press release from Modular. A consistent roster of quality talent makes you a gatekeeper, and earns you trust. Sometimes, with an inbox full of hundreds of emails, that's all you have the energy to rely on. It's just the way it goes.

But it doesn't gain you a free pass. Pond, the side project of Nick Allbrook and Jay Watson of the excellent Tame Impala, have teamed with Joseph Ryan to produce the full length Beard Wives Denim (Modular, 3/5) "recorded in a ramshackle farmhouse over two weeks in early 2010, right before Tame Impala started blowing up." The first track is filled with sick psych melodies and guitar squall... I mean, just look at the song title.

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