Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Ryan Adams

Sorry for all the video posts of late... yet, videos such as the one above, are more often than not the number one way artists choose to share new music these days. Case in point, Ryan Adams. We could write a novel about this artist; his artistic indulgences, love for country music, Heartbreaker, Cold Roses, JP Bowersock, Whiskeytown, Gold, drugs, secret shows, and much more.

All that being left unsaid - what we WILL say, are that the tracks we've heard from Ryan Adams' forthcoming Glyn Johns produced Ashes and Fire (10/11) are some of the strongest we've heard from this (almost tragically) inconsistent songwriter in a long time. While there may be a few hidden throwaways on there, the word around the music industry water cooler is that this record is an almost instant classic. Looking forward to this like a 6th grade StarkNY looking forward to the new Metallica album. Let's hope this sounds nothing like Load.

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