Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Kathleen Edwards: "Wapsuk"

We’ve been waiting, for what seems like forever for new music from Kathleen Edwards. We’d heard rumors of a relationship with Justin Vernon from various internet sources over the past months, and yesterday we got our first listen to “Wapsuk” recorded with and produced by Mr. Vernon. Blogs like Pitchfork and Stereogum lit up with the news that Bon Iver had just done something with some Canadian “folkie” named Kathleen Edwards. We’re certainly happy about the attention Edwards is getting for the new track, but it’s always weird having outlets who would have never touched her in the past all jumping on board because Justin Vernon did something new.

Edwards is a wonderful artist in her own right – with three albums to her credit. Our favorite remains Back to Me, with its soft melancholy laments intertwined with barroom brawlers equipped with lyrics that belong in the cannon of pro-female greats like Wanda, Kitty and Loretta.

Rounder is releasing Edwards’ new record Voyageur on January 17th and she’s releasing the above “Wapsuk” as part of a 7” with album track “Change the Sheets” on 9/27. "Wapsuk" was written for the "National Parks Project, a Canadian creative collaboration celebrating the centennial of the establishment of our National Parks." Haven’t heard “Change the Sheets” yet, but “Wapsuk” is a little forgettable unfortunately. We’re hoping Bon doesn’t meddle with the formula too much, as his recent music doesn’t necessarily drip with excitement. Great to have Ms. Edwards back, and from what we’ve heard from inside sources we trust, Voyageur will be one of the best early releases of 2012.


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