Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby's Got a Blue Flame

His baby's got a blue flame, and Diplo/Mad Decent's got a new rock 'n roll kid. Bosco Delrey is being cast as a type of 2011 garage Elvis, which while sensationalized, is what got us to listen to him in the first place. While we get the classic rock comparisons, we're not really getting an Elvis vibe - BUT - the songs are good, and the production is cool as shit. There's a bit of a Peter Bjorn and John whistle going on in this track, but there are the appropriate levels of grungy fuzz and a solid distorted drum track to keep us all happy. What we've heard of the record so far is damn solid, and more than enough for us to keep a close eye on what happens with Bosco in the next few months. His record 'Everybody Wah' (Mad Decent) is in stores June 14 and out now digitally.

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