Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Video: The Black Lips - "Modern Art"

This is the first real glimpse into the highly anticipated new Black Lips record produdced by Mark Ronson titled, Arabia Mountain, which sees light on June 7 via Vice Records. These Atlanta natives are looking to rebound from what proved to be lackluster sophomore release in 200 Million Thousand. With Ronson at the helm, and from what we have seen via the in-studio footage (after the jump,) Arabia Mountain should be a more cohesive, well-balanced and mature record...and just in time for Summer. Keep your eyes peeled.

Tracklisting and In-Studio Footage After the Jump...

1. Family Tree
2. Modern Art
3. Spidey’s Curse
4. Mad Dog
5. Mr. Driver
6. Bicentennial Man
7. Go Out And Get It
8. Raw Meat
9. Bone Marrow
10. The Lie
11. Time
12. Dumpster Dive
13. New Direction
14. Noc-A-Homa
15. Don’t Mess Up My Baby

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