Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Video From Tristen: "Baby Drugs"

Full disclosure - we've had more than a strictly "editorial" professional relationship with Tristen. Maybe if you're just stumbling on to Stark would you not know what staunch supporters we've been of this truly talented artist, band, and now her great team and record label American Myth.

She recently released Charlatans at The Garden Gate, an album that a lot of you already own, but if you don't, BUY IT, seriously, now. Thanks to all the Stark fans who have gone to her shows and bought her music in the past, and if you haven't heard version 2.0 of these tracks (especially on vinyl) you're missing out. Her new video is above. Enjoy, and dig the BUDDY tee. Classic.

1 comment:

Dane Sundseth said...

i love the intelligentsia cameo at the beginning. great video and looks like she got a free trip to vegas out of it!