Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yours Truly Does Sister Crayon

It's no secret that we would rather post Yours Truly videos over vids that labels have paid thousands of dollars for. Hence why everyone wants to be "done" by Yours Truly. One of our favorite emails to send to publicists is: "If you have one band to tell me about right now on your roster, who is it?" One day, that answer came back: "Sister Crayon." We're glad it did. After spinning a series of demos we're super happy to have Sister Crayon's debut Bellow in our sights for release on Feb 22. About the above video YT writes: "...Abram Pineda-Fischer created a video for album opener, “I’m Still The Same Person” in which the embodiment of death is captured in a frail, staff-wielding girl." Come on, that just sounds really cool.

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