Thursday, February 24, 2011

Best Record of 2011, Already?

I Follow Rivers (Dave Sitek Remix) by LykkeLi

We got our hands on Lykke Li's sophomore record, Wounded Rhymes over the weekend and since have been listening to it non-stop. This is one of the biggest sounding releases of 2011 and her second for Atlantic records. The album drops on March 1 and you will want to get it that day. It is a near perfect effort and easily played from start to finish without any hiccups. The album is produced, engineered and recorded perfectly. Kudos to her A&R team. Li's voice sounds amazing -- the songs swing and incorporate an eclectic array of instrumentation and beats. "I Follow Rivers" is the first single, but the album is full of gems. There is no denying that this record has a strong chance for a Pitchfork Best New Music release and a front-runner for the number one spot on many Best of 2011 lists.

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Meatbreak said...

The best record of 2011 is Peaking Lights. No doubt.