Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You Only Live Once. Band to Watch: Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries "You Only Live Once" from Ryan Dickie on Vimeo.

We don't really play songs "on repeat." We like pleasure delay. Only give us that one song when we really need it, or want it. Further, Stark gets a lot of music. Most of which gets a good listen, before being relegated to the scrap bin with the thousands of other hook-less wonders out there right now. I swear one of these nights we're gonna get super super super blazed and see if the music on Altered Zones sounds any better then.

We digress. "You Only Live Once" by Unsolved Mysteries. despite having that whistle a little too high in the mix, is an undeniably catchy and hook-filled song -- the power of which has helped propel them to quickly rising prominence on the NY live scene...and yes, repeat listens on Friday afternoons in the office. With connections to the fashion world, and we're sure, a pretty damn good looking fan base, Unsolved Mysteries have worked hard to promote their latest full length Tragic Trouble and have a new EP on the way soon. They will headline the Stark/Jinners/I Rock I Roll party this Friday at Union Hall with Teletextile and High Highs. See you there kiddies. Gonna be a great one. Thanks Xav.

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leighannderthal said...

who told that guy he could wear a leather jacket?