Saturday, August 7, 2010

Site and Sound Does Blair

Site & Sound: Blair from VanLou Media on Vimeo.

[mp3] Blair: "Hearts"

Clocking in with a rare vacation post, we wanted to share Site and Sound's new feature on perennial Stark favorite Blair. We had the pleasure of watching a similarly stripped down set from Blair when she opened for The Futurebirds last week at Cake Shop. This video shows Blair performing "Rampage" at Sycamore in Brooklyn. Blair's more nuanced approach to her songs gives her soft, yet powerful voice room to move and breathe, and gives the lyrics and melodies center stage. While, all of the above make for a compelling video feature (as always), we have to say, for us Stark folk we love to see Blair cut loose and sling the rock around with a full band live. In the end though, it's an artists creativity, versatility, and willingness to strike out on their own that makes them great; luckily for us all, Blair possesses all of those characteristics in spades.

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