Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sleeping Bags / Mystery Claws

The other day we were sent over a great new track from the forthcoming Sleeping Bags/Mystery Claws 7" coming out August 16th on Jodie & Victor. While the true identity of Sleeping Bags will remain a mystery for now at least, Mystery Claws is made up of Matt Kivel, music critic and co-songwriter for Stark fave Princeton, and filmmaker/musician Julia Bembenek. Sleeping Bags "Cantaloupe" is a fantastically distorted post-rock affair; a maze of guitars and melody with a buried (but excellent) vocal performance buoying the track and sufficiently whetting our appetites for more. The video for Mystery Claws' "Phony Checks" (after the jump) is so fucking simple it's brilliant. While it captures every music geek's wet dream -- showing how awesome your record collection is -- (insert eye roll) it also shows us that, indeed, Mystery Claws, have a pretty baller record collection. Well done.

Phony Checks - Mystery Claws from Easter Everywhere on Vimeo.

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