Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Crocodiles: "Sleep Forever"

Fat Possum is cruising for the title of label of the year, at least in the minds of the Stark staff. Feels like every freaking record we write about is from them, wtf. Anyway, a year and change ago, we got hooked on Crocodiles. Not really sure why this duo, out of such an endless sea of like-minded groups, caught our eyes and ears, but they did, and we're cool with it. They managed to even put on one of the more memorable shows at Pianos we've seen in quite some time. This dirty fuzzed out duo with a serious Jesus and Mary Chain fetish are back with a new record, Sleep Forever, coming out September 14th. We have the title track for you above. While the duo are known for their thick programmed beats and loud guitars, Sleep Forever promises a "lush" sound, courtesy of a full band. The new track certainly delivers in a strong way, still drawing from a very brit-rock background, but with a more varied and layered approach. Certainly enough to whet our appetites for what this full length has to offer.

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