Friday, June 11, 2010

Club 8 Release New Single - "Shape Up!"

[MP3] Club 8 -- "Shape Up!"

Every once in awhile, an album comes out of left field to smack you in the face with its surprising depth, quality and "fun factor;" we give you Club 8's seventh record to-date aptly titled, The People's Record. Originally a Swedish dream-pop band harnessing the more reserved and gloomy part of the psyche, Club 8 have revamped their sound; what inspired this change? A quick jaunt to Brazil where they soon embraced Latin, Western African and even Cuban rhythms. The end result is a buoyant, fun and easy-listening summer record that is soon to inspire collaborations with David Byrne, Vampire Weekend or even the controversial MIA (we think! You heard it from this blogger first.) After premiering their first video for single one, "Western Hospitality" (video after the jump) we are now pleased to offer you "Shape Up!" above; this is definitely one of the strongest tunes on the record.

Enjoy a great weekend, with this fantastic record.

Club 8 "Western hospitality" from Labrador Records on Vimeo.

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