Saturday, April 24, 2010

On the Guest Apartment - Plants and Animals

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Ok. So we stopped listening to the new Delorean album, Subiza long enough to do a post here.

Either you know or you don't, but the Montreal-based band Plants and Animals just released their sophomore album, La La Land on April 20 via Secret City Recordings. Their debut LP, Parc Avenue turned a few heads here at Stark, enough so that there was some mild-excitement and anticipation toward their second album. Not to seem lazy here, but we honestly don't know what to think about La La Land --  Pitchfork gave it a 6.1 so, maybe we'll just use that as our own bench mark. We'll give it a 6.2. Yeah. That's not lazy. That sounds like the best plan.

Above is a really intimate performance and interview via Bable Music's "Guest Apartment" features. Standout track of this session is definitely "Kon Tiki" -- right about in the middle of performance.

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