Monday, April 26, 2010

Fruit Bats: 'The Ruminant Band'

It's not always possible to catch everything. The google reader is a tough beast to keep down, and forget about managing our inbox. Luckily, eMusic has a solid little relationship with Sub Pop, and has been running some quality features with the venerable indie on their homepage. This has allowed us to catch up on some missed Sub Pop releases - notably, The Fruit Bats excellent 2009 effort The Ruminant Band. It's a breezy country-pop affair, with lilting melodies and rock-solid songwriting. The Fruit Bats are the vehicle for songwriter Eric Johnson, who doubles as the guitarist in The Shins and Vetiver. While The Ruminant Band doesn't shift any paradigms or break any barriers, it's a quality acquisition, that we're more than happy we made.

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