Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One Life Stand (Drums of Death Remix)

Finally getting around to sharing this remix from Hot Chip's stellar '10 album One Night Stand. There's not much to say about this, except throw it on your party mix, pretty much right now. Hot Chip are heading to New York just as the throngs of bloggers and bands are recovering from their SXSW hangovers. You can't say these bills aren't stacked:

March 22nd @ Terminal 5, $35 (w/ The Xx)
March 23rd @ Terminal 5, $35 (w/ Gang Gang Dance)
August 4th @ Central Park Summer Stage, $35

Hot Chip - One Life Stand (Drums of Death Remix) by TLC Blog

Click above or HERE to stream the remix. Thx Tastes Like Caramel!


thestarkonline said...

Stellar? Who are you kidding?

Tim said...

aw shit starkny, you been told!