Monday, February 8, 2010

New Horse Feathers: Thistled Spring

We loved House with No Home. It was a string-laden, bleak, wintry affair, filled with gorgeous vocals, delicate instrumentation and well-written folk tinged songs of loss. Portland based Justin Ringle with his group Horse Feathers returns on April 20th with their aptly titled third record Thistled Spring (Kill Rock Stars). While we've yet to get a taste of the album, the release promises: "an album of rebirth, renewal, and fragile hope. The sun is out in the world evoked by this music, and in the first couple of songs it feels like the sun of early spring, glinting on a frosty river where the ice is just breaking up." Cover art above, track list after the jump. You know the drill.
Track listing:

01. Thistled Spring
02. Starving Robins
03. Belly of June
04. Cascades
05. This Bed
06. The Drought
07. Vernonia Blues
08. As a Ghost
09. The Widower
10. Heaven's No Place

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