Thursday, January 21, 2010

Friday Night Shenanigans

Besides Dawn Landes at Mercury, and Stark performing with Tim Emmerick at Pianos (9:00) - we feel obliged by our dedication to good taste to tell you about two more amazing shows happening on Friday.

The first being the triumphant return of The Octagon to Brooklyn after dominating the country behind their new (and killer) record Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever. This analog garage trio is hitting Bruar Falls to celebrate release of the aforementioned album on Serious Business Records. Order the vinyl HERE. Anyone who's ever heard a note of Pavement or Dinosaur Jr. would do well to be in the audience Friday, as The Octagon feature prominently in the future linage of these seminal, rock-guitar driven, indie legends.

The second band on tap are the quickly rising Ava Luna, who will be part of an amazing bill Friday which includes Marni Stern and The Suckers. Location: Under 100 (172 Duane St). It's not often that we refernce Spoon when talking about bands, let alone new bands. Yet there is something about the songs on Ava Luna's new EP Services (1/22 release) that recall the clatter and skeletal soulfulness of early Spoon records. With veiled dance rhythms and a male/female vocal attack, Ava Luna toss about wisps of pop melody, yet keep the songs expertly grounded in the echoing booms of a resonant and adept rhythm section.


The Prig said...

Can't get any information on the Under 100 show tonight, and one of the bands mentioned said they won't be there. Is it true? Can you get me in?!

StarkNY said...

JUST IN show moved to SILENT BARN