Monday, December 21, 2009

Far From Christmas Leftovers

So we forgot a few on those best of '09 lists. Can't get to them all ya' know? So, here are two albums that we slept on in the latter half of '09: ARMS' Kids Aflame and Cotton Jones' Paranoid Cocoon. ARMS is the charming bedroom project of Todd Goldstein, a member of the now disbanded group Harlem Shakes. Bummer. They were ace. Nevertheless, Kids Aflame is packed with understated songwriting gems, brimming with wistful melodies and "don't call it lo-fi" recording techniques. The sound is close in the headphones but grand in quality.

On Paranoid Cocoon, Cotton Jones offers up psychedelic 60s pop nuggets. The ocassional male/female vocal tandem mixed with reverbed guitars and melodies recall elements of the Duchess and the Duke; yet, Cotton Jones goes for more of a full-band, groove-oriented sound, while the Duchess and the Duke focus more on their crafty pop melodies and song structures. Both highly recommended albums you won't find on too many top 20 lists (unfortunately).

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