Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh Hey, There's This

Look, not that there's anything wrong with American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert being gay, but there's no way his label and creative team could've thought this album cover is in any way, shape or form conducive to selling lots and lots of records. It isn't. If Lambert wants to express himself as a homosexual man unafraid to push boundaries, that's fine, but I can imagine literally hundreds of other possibilities for artwork that would've been better to use than this cover. This isn't even art. It's a badly photoshopped high school glamour portrait of a lizard alien. Which means it's gross. For my entertainment? No. For the floor. Meaning, the end destination of my projectile vomit after seeing this dreck. And that's just gross. So, mission accomplished, Team Lambert?

I'm kidding myself, though. Of course this album will sell like hotcakes, because it's gross and people like to eat garbage and we live in a world where it's okay for Lady Gaga to exist.

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