Thursday, September 17, 2009

Drink Up Buttercup Sign to Yep Roc

After the Jump Fest favorites Drink Up Buttercup have just announced that they have signed to Yep Roc Records. This is big news for the Philly band that has had a huge 2008-09, building off of buzzworthy appearances at SXSW, Northside Festival, After the Jump Fest (!) and of course the much touted strength of their live show. This is truly a hard working band. Their first full length is upcoming in 2010 and promises to be a clattering mish-mash of styles - everything from The Beatles to the Beach Boys to The Clash to The Velvet Underground. The band just recorded a new single (above) to celebrate the signing, and Yep Roc also has an all new alternate version of the live performance fan favorite “Heavy Hand," which can be downloaded for FREE at Yep Roc’s site. Congrats!

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