Friday, August 28, 2009


Tristen: "Matchstick Murder" from Tristen on Vimeo.

We here at Stark are delighted to bring you "Matchstick Murder" the debut video from amazing Nashville songwriter Tristen. You know her from her impressive NY debut at our Northside showcase and from our plentiful posts on her in the past. Jeff Wyatt Wilson filmed and directed this video as part of a feature on Tristen that will run in the September issue of American Songwriter magazine. Yet, Tristen conceived the storyline as well as all of the costumes and color coordination. Also featured in the video, are fellow Nashvillians cellist/guitarist Larissa Maestro, drummer Patrick Rodgers from the band And The Relatives, guitarist Buddy Hughen from the band Eureka Gold, and bassist Eric Lehning. "Matchstick Murder" will be a featured track on Tristen's upcoming debut LP Charlatans at the Garden Gate, which is being recorded now in Nashville for release later this year. See Tristen on the cover of the Nashville Scene with fellow Stark favorites Those Darlins and Caitlin Rose.