Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant

Man, there are so many places you can go with a post like this. We'll keep it tasteful, I guess. Gotta say thanks to the brit ladies at Meserole & Humboldt for hipping us to Ninjasonik awhile back. We're not really massive fans of the Queens-based hip-hop group, but we're really glad to see them growing in notoriety and getting some solid attention in the media. We caught them live at the Mercury Lounge last year, and it was a pretty sloppy and way too stoned-out affair to really make a huge impression on us musically, but it was fun. Yet, one song stood out, and made us say "wow, this could be a huge hit." That song, was "Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant." Ninjasonik made a video for this tune. Unfortunately, the studio version needs some serious remixing and shots of energy to make it hit-worthy. Get a good producer in there and a little more pop in the chorus and you're gold. Just picture a 4' English girl with a bob dancing around singing the chorus (Eleanor). Pure hilarity. (via)

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