Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Patterson Hood Video "Pollyanna"

Drive By Truckers' frontman and beard extraordinaire, Patterson Hood, has struggled to make a splash with his newest release, Murdering Oscar (and Other Love Songs), which dropped in late June -- maybe rightly so. We're caught between rock and a Loving DBT is just something we do; their music and southern soul flows deep in our veins and permeates our being. We don't know why we wear Western shirts, drink the occasional whiskey and don cowboy boots, but when Southern Rock Opera comes on, it all seems to makes sense. That being said, yeah, we don't love Murdering Oscar, but we love DBT; therefore, they are pretty much free to do no wrong. Be it Patterson Hood or Jason Isbell, we'll always champion a piece of what they do, solo or band. The only time our minds may change, is if, god forbid, Shonna Tucker releases a solo album. We'll need a lot more whiskey to get up for that one. Until then, enjoy this newly released video for "Pollyanna"

Let there be rock!

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