Monday, July 20, 2009

The Very Best Concert of the Year...So Far

It's true that many bloggers typically don't dance, unless there is enough free alcohol or promisscuousness to warrant such a thing. Well, at Le Poisson Rouge Saturday night, there was a little bit of both, coupled with beacons of happiness that was frontman, Esau Mwamawaya's on-stage demeanor and Radioclit's electro-jams.

We danced. Sometimes we marched. Sometimes, we gyrated without bringing our feet off the ground in cemented-dancing goodness. Regardless, we found ourselves entranced by the tropical rhythms, onesie unitards worn by accompanying dancers, and the house bass jiggling our gens and pumping our chests.

Esau puts a smile on your face; hopping around waving his arms, the Malawian born African-rapper is nothing short of extroverted projecting all things musically right with the world upon his listeners. The show was equal parts, Mix Tape (which he offered for free last year) and songs from his up-coming release, Warm Heart of Africa, coming out this fall on Green Owl.

Performing crowd pleasing hits such as, the remix of MIA's "Paper Planes" titled ,"Tengazako" and "Kamphopop," Esau also dropped some new tracks, which were our favorites of the night. "Julia," our song of the month -- "Chalo," and the title track "Warm Heart of Africa (feat. Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend)" were included in the nights performance. **Yes, Ezra Koenig came out and sang -- indie-goodness in the raw. See video after the jump.

There is nothing more we can say about the Very Best other than it would be the very worst for you to not go extremely out of your way to catch this amazingly spontaneous, at times comical, and heartwarming music live.

Check out The Very Best and Ezra Koenig's "Warm Heart of Africa" live from this show after the jump!


Martynas said...

Yeah, talk about major fun! This song is just about the most joyful thing coming out this summer :) Too bad I live too far away from the USA to have a chance to see them live.

Anonymous said...

This was an amazing show! Ezra was the best. Lots of bloggers dance too!

georgia k said...

awesome! wish i had been in town....