Friday, July 10, 2009

Gold Soundz Returnz!

After a brief hiatus, which included a move back to his home state of Wisconsin our loyal friend Mike Bailey returns to his Gold Soundz column - this week features a short but enlighteneing piece on Galaxie 500. Good to have you back Mike.
Contributor Mike Bailey enjoys talking about records from yesteryear -- the 70's, 80's and 90's -- that influenced what's happening today. Thus, Gold Soundz was born. (Props to Pavement for the perfect name.) In this piece, Bailey takes a different seminal indie record every week and examines its significance and impact on the present.

On Fire
Rough Trade 1989

Galaxie 500 was a Boston trio lead by Dean Wareham (who later went on to front Luna). Their reference point was the Velvet Underground.   On Fire burns slow, with minimal light.  Rich textures, warm tones and fluid lines all drenched in reverb.  Pastoral lyrics and simple melodies reveal themselves in repetitive, yet powerful songs.   Dreamy, minimal, dirge-like, Galaxie 500 kept everything simple.  “Blue Thunder”, “Strange”, “When Will You Come Home”, “Leave the Planet” will change your life…   Ride the fiery breeze of Galaxie 500…    

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