Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blue Roses

On an extremely unmotivated and slow-ish day in the blog world, it was nice to get an email from XL about the self-titled debut from England's Blue Roses that comes out on July 21st. Some of our English tipsters mentioned that we should check her out awhile ago in anticipation of her appearance at Glastonbury. So, like the dutiful (lazy) bloggers we are, we waited for an email from her publicist instead of doing the sleuthing on our own. Blue Roses is Yorkshire's Laura Groves, who has recorded the lovely, yet subtly complex, folk songs contained on this album in a variety of locations throughout England. These delicate, self-produced gems travel down the well-worn path of Joanna Newsom-style vocals, yet the instrumental complexities, writing quality and varied instrumentation set what we have heard apart from your typical English songwriter fare. She has no US dates yet, but she's worth putting the time in for.

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Starkny said...

Oh how that slow-ish day in the blog world changed right after this post.