Friday, May 1, 2009

New Deastro: "Parallelogram" mp3

Deastro: "Parallelogram"

While digging through the hidden depths of last year's music, we rediscovered the overlooked gem Keepers from Randolph Chabot, the 22-year-old behind Deastro. Right on cue, comes his follow-up Moondagger. Deastro's music is a dizzying array of synths, noise, and strong strong melodic instincts. It's the melodies that keep you listening as most anyone can program a lot of crazy-ass noise and electronics, but not everyone can write a good hook. Moondagger has begun to start generating some buzz behind its June 23rd album release. After our revisit to Keepers we're certainly looking forward to this. Above is the first MP3 from Moondagger, "Parallelogram."

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