Monday, May 11, 2009

New Linfinity Record & Residency at Piano's

We accidentally caught Linfinity a few months ago opening for Lissy Trullie, and with no back-story they stopped us in our tracks. It was mostly the weird Nick Cave-esqe fashion and vocal style emanating from sweat-drenched lead singer Dylan Von Wagner. (He's even got a creepy name). Linfinity cultivate a Beirut-cum-Tom Waits cum-Cave style of balkan rock: strange and dark, yet melodic and captivating. It's all in the songs and the stage show here. They take care to dress for their roles and convey a powerful performance centering around Von Wagner and violinist Megan Leach. It has shtick potential, but the musicians and songs are strong enough to keep the group from looking, well, silly. Linfinity have just finished recording a full set of new songs, and will be performing them tomorrow night, the first night of a three-week residency at Pianos. Check out their Myspace for new tunes. See you there.

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