Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Great Bloomers Are Indeed Great, Also Canadian

The Norman Rockwell-esque painting on the cover of Great Bloomers' Speak Of Trouble is indicative of the sound it represents: youthful and spirited with just a hint of importance. I immediately want to call a bunch of friends and drive to a lake, sit on a dock and play this album to the backdrop of a fading sun, all while thinking of the days behind and ahead of us. There are few perfect settings in life, but I'm pretty sure that would be one. 

Anyway, I'm landlocked at the moment, so the confines of an 8'x10' bedroom will have to make do while I listen to this glorious new record from a bunch of heretofore-unheralded Canucks. There's a lot to like here, veering between earnest country and brazen pop, barely garnished with bare-bones production. I hear everyone from Sun Kil Moon to the Avett Brothers to the Beach Boys on the record, and that's certainly good company to be associated with. The title track above, broken into multiple infectious parts, should pretty much sell you. Score one for Canada!

Speak of Trouble is out now via Maple Music. 

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