Friday, May 15, 2009

Campaign to Save Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine is in dire financial straits. They have begun a donation campaign to save the publication from shutting its doors. For a donation of $20, you are granted access to 70 exclusive or rare downloads all donated by bands and artists Paste has covered for years. It's worth it.

Sure, they probably shouldn't have gone for the pay-what-you-want model. Ok, BUT: The slate of popular music magazines found on the racks are frankly terrible. They've become more about celebrity gossip and T&A, than about anything really having to do with music. While not everyone always agrees about the opinions or music Paste puts forth, this magazine has always been devoted to giving press to artists who would not nessecarily get it otherwise. For the larger artists they covered, it was always another feather in the cap of any press campaign to have a great feature in Paste. Over the years, we've formed numerous relationships with thier staff, and all of them have been dedicated music fans first, and writers second. To us at least, that always hit home. Agree with their musical taste or not, Paste deserves to stay in buisness. They add diversity and passion to our ever-shrinking musical world. Make a donation, get some free music, because it's going to take more than Brooklyn Vegan to get you out of your day job.

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