Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Afroman Is Clearly Just The Best

Obviously you remember Afroman. The lovable flash-in-the-pan rapper with duh, the afro, was all over the airwaves and Napster in 2001 with GRAMMY-NOMINATED hit "Because I Got High,"and all over every frat party you've ever been to with the follow-up "Colt 45." This guy was basically a better version of certified assclown Asher Roth. I guess somewhere along the line, Afroman was dropped from his record label, probably because he couldn't figure out how to parlay his penchant for smoking marijuana into a third hit. And that's too bad.

But we should have never doubted Afroman, because Afroman has been busy quietly making the same song several times over and self-releasing brand new Afroman albums at an alarming rate rivaling the output of Ryan Adams. Last week, the MC released his twelfth (!) studio album, called Frobama: Head Of State. We haven't heard the joint yet, but if it's anything like the tremendous cover above, we don't need to. Afroman's still got it. (Fist bump to Idolator for dropping this nugget.) 

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Rich said...

What happened to his fro?!? It's pretty weak now.