Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blank Dogs - Under and Under - mp3

While wallowing away here, I will post a short little blurb that I meant to get up yesterday on the kick ass Blank Dogs. Actually, one dude. Blank Dog. Blank Man. J5? They've hit most of the art spaces here in NY at some point, but we've never been able to make it out to one. Lame? Yes. Blank Dogs are yet another entry into the noise rock scene of '09 but we don't give a shit really. Compared to Blank Dogs and Wavves, the Vivian Girls are beginning to sound like the Byrds. Under and Under (20 songs!) comes out June 2 on In The Red (of course!!) Here's a freaky video for "Setting Fire to Your House" and mp3 for "Tin Birds". Enjoy, I know I won't, being stuck here in this jury box of hell 'n all. Vid after the jump. VIA

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