Monday, March 16, 2009


Dead, Drunk and Naked:
Tim Liveblogs the World

(This is Tim.)

AUSTIN, TX — South by Southwest Countdown: 2 Days. Rogue reporter and musician Tim Emmerick checks in from Austin with up-to-minute, pre-SX news.


Wow, SXSW, horrifying. How could one lowly cake-eater possibly consume this much media? To be frank, the editors of this rag have been "riding my ass for a scoop" and after a few solid days of research I was really coming up dry. That was, of course, until a few nights ago when Poughkeepsie, NY's incendiary SUGAR RED DRIVE! saved my proverbial bacon. I was wailing on a Lone Star and some boob tube when these guys assaulted the whole of Austin with this TV spot. I initially threw up a little in my mouth a little. But then the monster-truck-rally-voice-over-guy (think SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! TWELVE BUCKS! TWELVE TRUCKS!) informed us all that they are actually SX's BEST KEPT SECRET! Well color me relieved. I guess my work here is done. It's been real. The video in its full glory is after the jump plus exclusive Sugar Red Drive showcase info.

PS - Anyone seen Ezra Furman's TV spot yet? I heard it's off the chain.

Friday March 20th @ 3:30 PM
The Bayou Lounge
500 E 6th St # A
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 499-0863
Get there early, this one will is destined to be SRO.

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