Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Music from Jason Lytle - mp3

Jason Lytle used to front a great little band called Grandaddy, who's electro-soaked acoustic tunes fit nicely on the shelf next to Sparklehorse and the Flaming Lips. Lytle is now recording under his own name and his first effort, Yours Truly, the Commuter, comes out May 19 on Anti.

Today, we get to hear two tracks from that album. "Brand New Sun" is the kind of laid back pop that made Grandaddy so enjoyable. The easy flow of the vocals and subtle bursts in the chorus are more infectious with every listen. A perfect track as we head into spring.

"Birds Encouraged Him" is a little less exciting musically, but creates nice imagery lyrically (fans of Iron & Wine should appreciate this one). Both are encouraging signs for the full length. If you don't want to wait until May, check out Grandaddy's, The Sophtware Slump - one of my favorite records of 2000 and a perfect way to get ramped up for the new album.

-Mike Bailey Stark Contributing Writer

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