Monday, February 9, 2009

An Unabashed Blink Fan Thanks God For Restoring The Universe To All That Is Holy Again

After a nearly five-year hiatus, Blink 182 is getting back together, and just like that, I'm eleven years old again. Shut up, I'm stoked. You can't take that away from me, you elitist snobs. I'm looking for my Dickies shorts. WHERE ARE MY DICKIES SHORTS?? In the grand scheme of things, no band has shaped who I am as a person more. My tastes may have evolved over the years into liking bands with unpronounceable names and slightly more mature subject material, but seriously, I'm beyond ecstatic. These guys will always mean the world to me. I got chills seeing Mark, Tom and Travis on stage together again, friendships seemingly mended and ready to bring dick and fart jokes back to the world once more. Anything is possible. Make fun of me all you want, but since last night, I can't stop smiling. Everything is right again. Blink is back! Pop punk is back! Let's make this last forever!

Oh yeah, right. We're an indie blog. Back to news about the latest Deer band. 

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