Monday, February 23, 2009

Swan Lake has a Blog and New Music

"Spanish Gold 2044"
"A Hand at Dusk"

After all the exclusives have been given out, we, the common blogs, are here to bring you three excellent new tracks from Swan Lake. Swan Lake is the super-group (sans Hanson member) featuring, man-of-many-bands Dan Bejar (Destroyer and New Pronos,) Carey Mercer, and Spencer Krug. Even in the midst of our 3:00 p.m. blood-sugar low, it's hard for these songs not to provide a pick me up. These three Canadian writers remain fiercely creative, crafting intricate songs wrapped around subtle melodies and entwined with jagged drums and dark, brooding guitars. Swan Lake release Enemy Mine March 24 via Jagjaguwar. If you pre-order the record here (starting tomorrow), you will receive immediate gratification in the form of a free album download. Pretty excellent deal we think.

Just as exciting (maybe) is another blog for all of our google readers --that of Carey Mercer. Clouds of Evil is long, wordy, and at times, quite awesome. We give you an excerpt. Just think about it.
"It's one of those holes: as soon as you step into it, you never get out. It sucks, but once mired in the muck, one cannot seem to break clean. I've been thinking about it all day--I woke up with a fever about it last night.

Why didn't the eagles just fly Frodo into Mordor?... It just seems easier to me than all that climbing and soot and orc-breath."

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