Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Quick Inquisition with Ari Gold of The Honey Brothers


We caught The Honey Brothers last Saturday night at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Yes, most of the people there just seemed to want to make out with Vinny Chase, err, I mean Adrian Grenier. So I'm sure it came as a great relief to them that although Grenier is just the drummer, his drumset had good viewing placement, plus he strummed a guitar and sang for a few numbers.

But honestly, even though it may just be the success of Grenier that's propelled these boys to semi-stardom, Honey Brothers are much better than other vanity projects like Dogstar (Keanu Reeves.) They've even been compared to the Silver Jews, the Beach Boys and Ween by Village Voice.

And I really do appreciate ukelele player and vocalist Ari Gold's (real name? I'm not sure) whimsy. He was nice enough tell us about the band meeting at Ukelele Fantasy Camp, Bohemia and a utopia of love...

Catch Lauren Mooney's interview with Ari Gold after the jump.

What was Ukelele Fantasy Camp like? Is that where you guys met?

Ukulele fantasy camp is a state of mind, like Bohemia. As soon as you hold a curvy little uke in your hands you are At Camp™. Dory was the first among us to play the uke, and I was the first to become obsessed by it, when Dory lent me his. Truth is I was just tired of being stuck behind a drum set and I wanted an instrument that would fit into a backpack, since I like to travel. But the band starting singing around the uke and walking the streets with it, so At Camp was in the streets of New York. You can't be a bad ass at Ukelele Fantasy Camp and it's not possible to be cool, so the normal social struggles of camp do not apply. There are no cool kids at our camp, and that's a relief. Can you imagine a bully with a ukulele?

You were quoted on your MySpace bio as saying, "I think our music is trying to find the utopia of love in a world that might be going to shit." What is your current take on the world? And how exactly do you think your music helps find utopia of love?

Well, having just played two shows amidst the beauty of Washington DC as Obama was being inaugurated, we are feeling a little more hopeful about the world. But there is a lot of struggle and trouble in life, and if you can make music with your friends and try to enjoy every moment, then you are in a utopia of love. If we all end up as roving tribes of people eating nuts and berries in a few years, we hope that we'll still be able to maintain a good mood by playing music.

Dream people to play live with?

Metallica, David Bowie, Toots and the Maytals, David Byrne, Igor Stravinsky.

What's next for the Honey Brothers?

We have a bunch of new songs in our "new wave folk" vein and plan to record an album this summer. Meanwhile, we might make a movie, a solo record, or act in a TV show if we have to to get by.


Andrew said...

haha, its funny that you ask if that's his real name because I've met him for his movie and on the back of his business card it says "yes, real name thanks." I met his dad too and he is an author.

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