Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome Wagon Live at St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Photo Credit: Stephanie F. Black

We love our contributing writers. They take time out of their real lives to go see/listen to music and then write it up for us in intelligent and cohesive prose. Our newest writer, Lauren Mooney, just made her Brooklyn Vegan debut with a review of the Welcome Wagon show this week in Brooklyn. We like Welcome Wagon, and wanted to share it with you. You can read more by Ms. Mooney in the most recent edition of URB and in her first foray into the comedy world for Here is an excerpt from her Welcome Wagon review. Click here to read to full piece.
Sufjan Stevens played producer and came onstage first to make sure the stage was in order. And then the couple took the stage joined by many others - including back-up singers plucked from the choir and Stevens himself on banjo, guitar, backup vocals and triangle.

The most endearing thing was how the Reverend and his wife faced each other throughout the performance - and often broke into slight smiles. All the songs from the record were played - stopping every four songs or so to exemplify a real "welcome wagon" experience which consisted of giving away Monique-made cookies, the record and Polish sausage from Greenpoint. The winners were decided on who had moved to New York the most recently, who had traveled the farthest from the show and who had a Christmas birthday ("since you get gypped" said Aiuto).

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