Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ryan Adams Won't Quit; Working On New Album

We wouldn't expect anything less from Ryan Adams: even though Cardinology is barely a month old, the always-at-work troubadour is apparently in the studio tracking demos for more than a dozen new songs under the working album title Dear Impossible, via Billboard. Fanboys rejoice: the album's most kindred spirit from his catalog appears to be 2004's classic Love is Hell, and he's also compared the sound to Sonic Youth's Sister and The Smith's Hatful of Hollow. Alas, Adams is quick to tame his own hyperbole; "but man, these tunes, they're tiny little things compared to those records." 

He's already recorded songs with producer Noah Goldstein tentatively called "Firefly," "So Quiet, It's Loud," "Goodbye Sunshine," "Universe Size Arms," the title cut, "Please, Hold On," "Souls Full of Holes," "OK, I Surrender," "Wild & Hopeless," "Kaleidoscope Eyes," "Your Name Here," "Mirror-Gold," "The Lights" and "Lost in Space."

We like what we're hearing, and it's always assuring to know that even when our favorite artists take a break, Adams is probably creating something new, but we really hope that quality isn't getting lost in the mix of all this output. Oh, and b-t-dubs... you should be following his blog like it's your religion.

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Anonymous said...

i can't believe 2008 is almost over. Ryan Adams' "Cardinology" was my fave album of the year. And I dug his awesome picks for best of 2008!

check out his top picks for the year as well as many others at erockster.com!