Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Andrew's Top 25 of 2008

Andrew Daniels' Top 25 Albums of 2008

Two-thousand and eight has been a breath of fresh air, a year for unprecedented change. Shut up about the recession for a second and focus on the positives: we as a country experienced a historic election (and came out on the right side!), the Philadelphia Phillies won their first world series in 28 years (and I'm still reeling) and Axl Rose finally released Chinese Democracy. (To no one's surprise, it was awful.) But the best thing to come out of the year, as always, was the music. While 2008's list is the most diverse collection of albums in the six-year history of my long-winded diatribes, as usual there is a self-imposed central theme loosely connecting each of my choices together: each album in its own way possesses that same 'breath of fresh air' that characterized this year's events. Don't roll your eyes. It's my list, and I make the rules.

And now, the Top 25 Albums of 2008.
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