Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stereogum Teams with Amazon mp3 Store

dIn a bit of awesome news that we somehow passed over Stereogum has teamed with the Amazon mp3 store to bring great indie rock records to poor people (a.k.a. us) for super discounted prices. This week, it's Guided by Voices Bee Thousand for $3.99. Whatever people say about Stereogum selling out, we call bullshit, because anyway to get great music to people cheaply and legally is cool with us. Not to mention Amazon's mp3 store is much better than iTunes'. Its albums are on average $2 - $3 cheaper and every download comes at the same sound quality as iTunes "Plus" and downloads directly to your iTunes.

Fist pump to Mike Bailey for the heads up. More about Bee Thousand from Stereogum...

From "Hardcore UFO's" through "You're Not An Airplane," Pollard's melodic sense, immediate hooks, and catchy cut-up lyricism coupled with Tobin Sprout & Co's dead-on contributions are uncanny, moving, ecstatic, and ultimately transformative. Flipping between Kinks-esque noise, post-Syd-Barrett nuggets, skeletal psychedelia bursts, cassette-only garage pop, and Who-meets-hiss balladry, Bee Thousand is a rich pop kaleidoscope, a 36-minute patchwork that feels like a Beatles bootleg folding in on itself, or like surfing the radio dial and finding one AM hit after another.

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Anonymous said...

Classic and amazing record. Buy it right away if you don't have it. Which you should.