Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama-nation! Voter Withdrawal...Hungover?

Are you as hungover as we are? Are you suffering from voter withdrawal? The celebration of Barack Hussein Obama's presidential victory was well deserved; beers were consumed, his speech absorbed and history was made. We are glad to see there is some good left in this nation of ours.

This morning however, we find ourselves sympathizing with the Hessians at Trenton circa 1776 -- they were hungover from a premature Christmas celebration and as a result, George Washington plundered them.

Well, we may not get plundered by Washington, but our productivity levels will sure-as-hell decrease.

We have some good stuff coming your way music-wise today though...really. Highlights include the Bella Watt release party tomorrow evening, a recap of the Ponytail Halloween Extravaganza and maybe more...productivity levels remember.


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