Monday, November 10, 2008

2009 Presidential Inaguration Ticket Market Thrives

In a story from (of all places) it turns out tickets for Obama's inauguration on January 20th are running for around 5 figures online. Entry is free if your congressman or woman or state senator grants your admission, yet you can reserve your own spot in history for this one time only fee of $20,000. Shit, we thought those $1,050 Prince tickets we bought were expensive.

Our question is, will Wilco be there? Either way, we've been guaranteed a view from a friend's roof. Have fun buying scalped tix online you silly bastards.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who buys scalped tickets is a moron. No tickets have even been distributed yet, and won't be until about a week before the election. There's also talk of passing legislation before the inauguration that would make scalping those tickets a federal crime.

Anonymous said...

* a week before the inaguration. That election kind of already happened. In case you haven't heard.